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Alligator Hunting is our specialty.

The Louisiana Alligator is the largest reptile in North America.  The word Alligator originates from the early Spanish settlers who called them "El legarto" or "big lizard" when they first saw these beasts. Today, Louisiana has the largest population of alligators in the United States.

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2014 Louisiana Alligator Season is from August 27th to September 21st.  Make sure to book in advance.  Taking reservations NOW.

All our hunts are on private property with a licensed and insured staff.  We also provide Cajun Cuisine for all guests, process gator, ship goods, and give you everything you need for a successful hunt.  Our method is by hook and line and you will most likely have an oppurtunity to harvest more than one gator if you'd like.  You will also be a part of the entire process of trapping these creatures. 

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